In a case involving application of the mandatory venue provision in section 15.011 of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, the Dallas Court of Appeals held that a suit to remove a lis pendens constitutes an action to quiet title.  The Court, therefore, held that "[o]nce it is demonstrated that the court’s judgment would have some effect on an interest in land, then the venue of the suit is properly fixed under the mandatory venue statute."  The trial court had denied the defendant’s motion to transfer venue to Harris County (where the land was located) and rendered judgment on behalf of the plaintiff.  The court noted that "a trial court’s erroneous denial of a motion to transfer venue is not harmless and requires reversal of the judgment and remand for new trial."  Accordingly, the court of appeals reversed and remanded the case with instructions to transfer the case to Harris County.  The court’s opinion in Airvantage, L.L.C. v. TBAN Props. #1, L.T.D. can be found at this link