I have been waiting and watching for post-Haygood opinions, and the Amarillo Court of Appeals delivered a great opinion this week with Henderson v. Spann.  In a 2-1 opinion, the panel held that the trial court’s admission of unadjusted medical bills and exclusion of adjusted medical bills constituted reversible error even though the trial court

The Houston Court of Appeals (14th) recently held that a party may not avoid exclusion of an undisclosed expert by simply calling the witness to rebut previous testimony.  Appellee failed to timely disclose an expert.  The trial court allowed the expert to testify at trial over appellant’s objection.  On appeal, the appellant argued that the

The Fort Worth Court of Appeals issued a couple of opinions in Young v. Thota addressing an alleged jury charge error.  In this medical negligence case, the alleged charge error relates to whether the trial court should have submitted an issue asking whether the plaintiff was contributorily negligent or whether the plaintiff’s acts raised mitigation of damages questions.  The majority concludes that it