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“Virtual” Business Operations Don’t Establish Venue for Patent Cases

The Federal Circuit has held that “virtual” business operations are insufficient to establish patent venue.  And it rejected the widely discussed four-factor approach to patent venue adopted by the Eastern District of Texas, which until recently was the nation’s busiest patent venue. For almost 30 years, venue of patent cases utilized the general federal venue … Continue Reading

Fifth Circuit Discusses Venue Selection Clauses

If you’ve got a venue selection clause and you are wondering whether you can file in state or federal court, or whether you can remove a state-filed case to federal court, you might look at the Fifth Circuit‘s opinion in Alliance Health Group LLC v. Bridging Health Options LLC. The venue clause in this case  … Continue Reading

En Banc Fifth Circuit Orders Volkswagen Case Transferred

 "The overarching question before the en banc Court is whether a writ of mandamus should issue directing the transfer of this case from the Marshall Division of the Eastern District of Texas–which has no connection to the parties, the witnesses, or the facts of this case–to the Dallas Division of the Northern District of Texas–which … Continue Reading