Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code Section 41.0105 limits recoveries of medical care expenses by an injured claimant to those expenses actually paid or incurred by or on behalf of the claimant.  A number of appellate decisions have addressed what this paid-or-incurred language means in different contexts.  The opinion in Katy Springs Manufacturing, Inc.

 When Leland Dykes proposed to his girlfriend, Pepper Lee, he did so with a $26,000 diamond engagement ring in tow. He also bought a house for Pepper and put it in Pepper’s name. Leland protected his interest in the house through a Property Agreement with Pepper, but did not get a pre-nup covering that pricey ring. So, when

The Fort Worth Court of Appeals issued a couple of opinions in Young v. Thota addressing an alleged jury charge error.  In this medical negligence case, the alleged charge error relates to whether the trial court should have submitted an issue asking whether the plaintiff was contributorily negligent or whether the plaintiff’s acts raised mitigation of damages questions.  The majority concludes that it