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Discovery of Federal Tax Returns Limited

The Tyler Court of Appeals recently confirmed that individual federal tax returns are discoverable to the extent they are relevant and material.  In this case, the tax returns were relevant to the claims and the court found that the parties had agreed to the production of the returns.  But that was not the end of the matter.  … Continue Reading

Party Ordered to Sign Medical Records Authorization

The Amarillo Court of Appeals recently held  that a party may be ordered to sign a medical records authorization in response to a request for disclosure pursuant to TRCP 194.2.  The defendant served a request for disclosures including a request for execution of an authorization to release medical records under Rule 194.2(j).  The plaintiffs argued they could respond by either … Continue Reading

Tax Returns Not Relevant to Net Worth

In this mandamus action, the Eastland Court of Appeals held that federal tax returns are not relevant or material to the issue of the defendant’s net worth.  While the court of appeals held that a plaintiff seeking exemplary damages need not make a prima facie showing of entitlement of exemplary damages in order to obtain discovery on … Continue Reading