Once upon a time, if there was doubt about whether an arbitration agreement was subject to the Federal Arbitration Act (FAA), a party complaining of a denial of a motion to compel arbitration had to file (1) an interlocutory appeal AND (2) a petition for writ of mandamus, then seek to consolidate the two separate proceedings.  The separate mandamus is not required since September of 2009, when Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code Section 51.016 went into effect and allowed for an interlocutory appeal of agreements subject to the FAA.  (why this statute was not located with the other interlocutory appeal provisions is a mystery to me).

The El Paso Court of Appeals points out the implications of the adoption of Section 51.016 on mandamus practice in In re H.D. Vest IncIn short, the court denied a petition for writ of mandamus because the court concluded that the Relators have an adequate remedy by appeal under Section 51.016.  The court’s opinion may be found here.