The Dallas Court of Appeals recently addressed summary judgment practice in a rare en banc opinion. At issue was whether the defendants’ no-evidence motion for summary judgment adequately challenged the elements of plaintiffs’ claims by listing the elements  and then stating that the plaintiffs had no evidence to support "one or more" of the elements

The Beaumont Court of Appeals has held that a contractual waiver of jury clause does not extend to non-contractual claims brought against non-signatory joint tortfeasors or alleged conspirators.

In In re Wild Oats Markets, Inc., Kuykendahl-WP Retail, L.L.P. ("Kuykendahl") had a lease agreement with Wild Oats Markets, Inc., which contained a contractual waiver-of-jury-trial clause. 

The Houston Fourteenth District Court of Appeals has held that a Relator must challenge all possible grounds supporting a trial court’s ruling by its Petition for Writ of Mandamus or the Relator waives its complaint.  In In re TCW Global Project Fund II, Ltd., No. 14-08-00116-CV (Sept. 24, 2008), the Relator filed a Petition