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Does Texas follow the “sham affidavit” doctrine?

A “sham affidavit” has been described as referring to an affidavit in which an affiant offers sworn testimony that contradicts the affiant’s prior, sworn testimony on a material point and the affiant gives no explanation in the affidavit for the change in the testimony.  The scenario of the “sham affidavit” arises with great frequency in … Continue Reading

Conflicts in Summary Judgment Practice

I recently presented a continuing education seminar focusing on current issues in state summary judgment practice.  As a result of that presentation, the Dallas Court of Appeals‘ holding in Bastida v. Abel’s Mobile Home Service, Inc., came to my attention.  In that case, the trial court granted a summary judgment in favor of Richard Aznaran.  … Continue Reading

Affidavits and Personal Knowledge

One should always be careful of falling victim to using and reusing forms because it may come back to bite you.  Many drafters of affidavits start out by having the affiant state something like, "I have personal knowledge of the facts set forth below."  This language by itself may not be sufficient to give anything … Continue Reading

Mandamus Procedure Changes

With its opinion in In re Butler, the Dallas Court of Appeals reminds us that there has been an important change to mandamus procedure.  Appellate Rule 52.3 was amended effective September 1, 2008, and now requires a certification by the person filing the petition for writ of mandamus that he or she has reviewed the … Continue Reading