A few months back, I wrote about a mandamus opinion from the Houston Fourteenth Court of Appeals, involving discovery of net worth.   The majority and concurring opinions were groundbreaking in terms of their discussions. 

This Spring, I wrote an article that appeared in the Appellate Advocate and discussed discovery of net worth.   I noted that the Relators from the In re Jacobs case had filed a petition for writ of mandamus with the Texas Supreme Court revisiting the Court’s opinion in Lunsford v. Morris, and asking whether additional protections should be implemented to protect parties from overly invasive discovery requests into net worth.

Today, the Texas Supreme Court has set the petition for writ of mandamus for argument at a date to be determined later.  The Court’s order may be found here.  The briefs in the case may be found at this link.  Accordingly, it appears that after many years of waiting (and false starts), practitioners may finally get some additional guidance from the high court on discovery of net worth.