Welcome to the Cowles & Thompson Appellate Blog.  We created this blog with the goal of providing useful information to civil appellate practitioners and to the public at large.  We anticipate that we will be posting information relating to significant appellate opinions from Texas appellate courts (inclusive of the Supreme Court of Texas).  Of course, we will also call attention to U.S. Supreme Court opinions and Fifth Circuit opinions  that have particular impact on Texas appellate practitioners. 

In addition to focusing attention on appellate court opinions, we will post notices relating to important events that impact appellate practitioners, such as relevant continuing education seminars, proposed changes to the rules of appellate procedure, and meetings of appellate sections.  Because much of our own practice takes place in the North Texas area, our postings of events and meetings will likely focus on events taking place in North Texas.

To make this site a useful resource for practitioners, we included links to other websites and blogs of interest to our target audience.  We welcome any comment or suggestion our readers may have to offer.  If there is some news item you believe we should report, feel free to submit it.  We can’t promise that we will post everything, but we will certainly give your comments and suggestions due consideration.

Thank you for reading our blog.